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The Memphis Trunk

This is the "Catch-All" or "Potpourri" section of the website where everything and anything that doesn't fit anywhere else goes into the city's trunk.  You'll find short photo articles and lengthy photo articles as well as some recent photo articles about the city.  This section is updated almost DAILY with new material or new photos.


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Ashore in Memphis - 1942
...A good liberty town.
Black Americana
...The past must be remembered.


Cabinet Card Photos 
...and Historic Photographers
1897 Tennessee Centennial 
...the Memphis Pyramid Exhibition
...and The Eagle's Nest

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  Calendar 2015 
...unpublished  Memphis Photos
Memphis Centennial -1919
The City has a big Celebration
Crash in Crosstown - 1944

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A Day at Historic-Memphis.com
One thing leads to another...
Dogwoods and Azaleas Filmed in Memphis
...On location in the Historic City

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The HIPPODROME and Clubs
Handy, Ebony, Paradise, Tropicana
I Miss Hollywood
- by John Coker
We need your help?   
Can you identify mystery photos?

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Maywood Beach
...A different kind of Water Park
Memphis Newcomer's 1930
...A guidebook for newcomers
The name's Memphis
...But there are 11 of them.
  Note Cards
Free Historic-Memphis Cards.
Beulah Poynter    
...and the famous sign at Main-Madison
Rainbow Lake
...Entertainment Complex

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Mr. Peanut on Main Street

U.S. Presidents Visit Memphis.

Raleigh Springs Inn
...Maddox Seminary-James Sanatorium
    U.S. Prisoner of War Camps 
...in Memphis & Vicinity - WWII.

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Memphis Sesquicentennial '69
The City celebrates 150 years
Snow in March - 2008 Street Scenes 
...Memphis comes to life . 1870-1913
    Souvenir Spoons of Memphis
...Collection Maureen Thoni White

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Tech "Castle" is Demolished
1965 Press Scimitar article.
  Who's Who of Memphis 1905 
...It's not just another Park Statue!

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