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Memphis Biographies

This page is all about prominent Memphians you may or may not know.  Some are famous and some are not.  They're often associated with a well-known local business or event in Memphis history.  On the pages listed below, you'll find photo-bios of these individuals and the business, or simply photo-bios about well-known Memphis businesses.


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J.P Alley - Cal Alley  
... Editorials and Hambone
Bob Berryman        
and the Silver Slipper Nightclub
Mr. Bowers             
... and his Grocery Stores
    Hu Brinkley
and the Lyceum Theatre
  D. Canale & Co. 
and Old Dominick.
Samuel T. Carnes 
Telephone, Electricity, & Automobile.
Tony "Monk" Cassatta
Memphis' favorite eccentric

C  >

Robert Reed Church
The first black millionaire.
Sol Coleman
Cigars and Ko Ko Tulu Gum.
Barron G. Collier 
Father of Streetcar Advertising


  Clara Conway            
+ the Clara Conway Institute
Cortese Brothers     
+ the Music they brought to Memphis
E. H. Crump
Historic "Boss" from 1910-1954.

D - E >

Rowland J. Darnell          
and The 19th Century Club
Dinstuhl's Candies
In Memphis since 1902

F - G >

Maude Fealy
The Beauty and the Actress
Oliver-Finnie Grocer Co.
A Memphis Institution
French - Thoni White
Postcard-Memorabilia Collection
  John Gaston
...Restaurant, Hotel, Park, + Hospital
Colton Greene  
...and the Mardi Gras, the Water
Works, and Library
Carl Gutherz  
...and his beautiful invitations for the Memphis Mardi Gras





W. C. Handy
..and his "Memphis Blues"
C. C. Hanson   
And his Hansonhurst Creamery
J. C. Harbin   
And his Motel, Pool, and Dairy

H - L >

  Thomas Hannah, Jr.
Civil War Letters from Memphis
Hayes Funeral Home     
...oldest Black Business
Jenny M. Higbee      
and the Memphis Higbee School
  O. K. Houck
and his Memphis Music Store

"Machine Gun" Kelly
Captured in Memphis Hideout

Tom Lee         
...the Memphis Hero
  Henry Luehrmann
...his Saloon, Hotel, Restaurant




Mayors of Memphis      
...1827 to the present
Menken Bros Dry Goods 
the forgotten Department Store
Elizabeth  Meriwether 
...Rebel, Writer, and Suffragist

M >



Frank T. Montgomery 
and Memphis Majestic Theatres
Henry A. Montgomery 
and Montgomery Park Race Track
William R. Moore
and the Moore School of Technology



N - P >

Oak Hall      
and the Memphis Halle Family.
Orgill Brothers & Co 
Oldest Memphis firm.
Photographers.. Coovert,
Hooks, Newman, Poland, Speer

R - T >

Clarence Saunders
And the Piggly Wiggly
A. Schwab
 - since 1876
Theatre Showmen
Early Impresarios and Moguls
      Tony's Fruit Stand
A Memphis Institution


Madame Vincent       
and the Crystal Palace Saloon
Peter Van Vleet
Van Vleet Drugs and Old Tech High
Ida B. Wells 
and The People's Grocery.



U - W >

George Whitworth
Memphis Books, Photos, Memorabilia
Paul Revere Williams
Architect to the Stars
Hoyt Wooten
World's largest private bomb shelter
  Frances Wright
         ... and Historic



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Otto Zahn
Master Bookbinder

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