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Collecting souvenir spoons has been a popular hobby since the late 1800s when this European fad swept the nation.  Wealthy Americans on a "Grand Tour" of Europe brought home souvenir spoons marked with the names of cities and famous landmarks they had seen.  The first souvenir spoons produced in the United States were products of prominent silversmiths during the late 1800s.  Over the next 40 years silversmiths took every occasion to create a silver spoon, but the mania was short lived.  By World War One, the desire for souvenir spoons had lost its appeal and by the end of the war it had almost disappeared.  But it's back and once again it's a big-time, somewhat expensive hobby.  Now hundreds of spoons change hands at auctions around the world.  Just ask Historic-Memphis.com's Maureen Thoni White.  You'll frequently see her bids on EBay.


Historic-Memphis.com team member Maureen only began collecting spoons 2 years ago.  Team member Dave French began adding to her collection 1 year ago.  The collection concentrates entirely on early Memphis.


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1881 Van Vleet -Mansfield Drugs 1881 Van Vleet -Mansfield Drugs

1891 Memphis Daily Scene ... Front and Back 1893 Memphis Cotton Bale ... Front and Back

1900 Black Americana 1901 UCV-1 1901 UCV-2 Memphis Bridge Bridge-Magnolia

Chickasaw Chief


Court Square

Court Square ... Enamel Squirrel


Court Square ... Skyline Handle-1

Dinstuhl's Candy ... Cutout Handle


Skyline Handle

Watermelon Bowl ...


Masonic Temple ... Wheat Handle

River Bluff Medallion


Memphis Bridge Memphis Bridge Customs House River Front Cotton Bale Customs House


Mr. Peanut

Peabody Hotel



Memphis ... Gold Bowl


Memphis Bowl

Gold Bowl ... Cotton Handle


... Chicken

1914 ... Masonic Temple


Vintage Hotel Gayoso ... Front and Back

1907 Customs House  ... Front and Back


Demi Blk Americana Demi Bridge Demi Bridge Demi Cotton Bale Demi Court House Demi Customs House

Demi Memphis Bowl ... Enamel Cotton Handle

Demi Gold Memphis Bowl


Demi Levee

Demi Commerce ... Front and Back

Floral Handle Hotel Peabody Memphis Scroll Handle Twisted Handle Mule Cart

Hotel Claridge Tea Spoon


Landmarks ... 1920s

Memphis - Tennessee


1910 Memphis Bridge

Unique Corn Handle


Native American

Gayoso Hotel



Beale Street


Load Cotton River Front Fireworks Memphis State Mud Island       Customs House

Memphis "A"


Memphis TN


1900 Native American


1909 "Memphis"  Front and Back


Cotton Exchange


King of the South




1901 UCV Reunion


1919 Bridge - Cut out


Customs House - Enamel



Memphis ... Cotton Boll Handle


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