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Have you ever searched for a photo of "Historic-Memphis" on the internet and when that great photo pops up, it turns out to be from Memphis, Eqypt, or from the unknown Memphis, Michigan, or even worse Memphis, Texas?

That led us on a Google-Search to find out how many other places around the globe are called Memphis besides our own, beloved "Historic-Memphis".  We were surprised to find there are a total  of eleven of them - from a "Place", Village", "Hamlet",  to a "City".  And one of them is actually a "Dead City".  ...   Hmmm!  ...  No, No!  That distinction belongs to Memphis on the Nile.  But we did take our name from that Memphis. 

Memphis, Tennessee  2013      


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Memphis, Egypt

Memphis, EGYPT was the ancient capital of Lower Egypt and was founded around 3000 BC.  It's ruins are located near the town of Mit Rahina, 12 miles south of Cairo.  During its golden age, Memphis thrived as a regional center for commerce, trade, and religion.  Its eventual downfall is believed to be due to the loss of economic significance, following the rise of the city of Alexandria on the coast.  The ruins today offer some evidence of its grand past.

The site of Memphis      

Statue of Ramses Colossus of Ramses Giant Sphinx





Memphis, Michigan

is a city between Macomb and St. Clair counties in the state of Michigan. The population was 1,183 at the 2010 census and it has a total area of 1.15 square miles.  The city was  established in 1835 and was named after Memphis, Egypt because it too is on a bluff and the Belle River passes through the city.  Memphis claims to be the home of the first automobile and it's slogan is "A Pleasant Place to Live".

City sign   

The downtown area



Bank 1910

Coburn House National Hotel 1911

Jack's Hotel 1910

Station 1899 Photo Lee House 1910  Methodist Church

Parsonage "Cheap" Ad multi-views postcard

The Rexall Store     

Main Street 1909        Church 1906 Presbyterian Church Memphis High School

Main Street Postcard 1900s


High School Yearbook 1911

Methodist Church      

City Street 1910      

Awards 1906

Souvenir Plate    

High School  - 1915 

Main Street

Aerial View Drug Store Neighborhood 1916

Multi-Views Postcard 1915

1940s School Yearbook 1931 Yearbook

On the Road


1909 Gilbert House 1885 Ashtray Old Mill 1912

Downtown 1901 Envelope School St. Mary's Camp

Grocery 1908 Bell River Post Card 1911 Basketball Team High School

  Eleanor Smith Main Street 1900s Main Street




Memphis, Texas

Memphis, TEXAS is a city in Hall County.  As of the 2010 census, the population was 2,290 and it has a total area of 2.2 square miles.  It's the home of the Annual Bowhunters 3D target competitons held in May and the Annual Country Club Memorial Day Tournament held on Memorial Day.



Court House


Bank and Sign

Methodist Church Street Postcard

High School

Court House Town Square Vintage Photo Train Station

Ritz Theatre Masonic Hall Highway Sign 7th Street 1900s

Presbyterian 1910 City Park Estes Funeral Home Fan                Courthouse

2 Churches Plate - 1st Baptist Methodist 5th and Main

Train Wreck 1929

Roof Advertising

1937 Cobb Hotel

1937 Town Sq.

Souvenir Plate

1914 Oil Mill

Photo by Orr

Drug Store 1910 1907 Branding

East Side School

Men on Bank Steps

Courthouse 1907

Depot 1909


Black-Gold Band 1934

  Class of 1945 Town Day 1908




Memphis,  Missouri

Memphis, Missouri is the county seat of Scotland County with a population of 1,822 at the 2010 census.  The city was incorporated in 1843.  Scotland County's first courthouse was completed in 1845, but it was declared unsafe and a second courthouse was build in the town square in 1856.  It served until it was condemned in 1905 and was razed shortly afterwards.  The latest courthouse was built in 1907.  Scotland County figures prominently in two Civil War engagements.  In the 1920s Memphis was the birthplace of The Pheasant Aircraft Company. 

Main Street 

Theatre Main Street



City Hall

Court House postcard

Court House

West Side Square 1908      South Side Square 1920 Baptist church Old Courthouse

Furniture Store Vintage Photo Photo 1800s Highway Sign Post Office

Old Courthouse Souvenir Key Chain Souvenir Apron Souvenir Vintage Photo

1897 Poster

Antique Fair Badges 1975-80 

Southside, postcard Vintage postcard 1900s

Eastern Star Penny

1st Methodist Episcopal Vintage pc Old Courthouse 1st Presbyterian Church

Issac-Lizzie Drake

Greeting Card

Clothier 1911

Methodist Church Homes 1920 1935 Court

Cabinet Photo

1910  1st Christian

1908 1st Methodist

1987 Antiques Fair

1991 Antiques Fair
Residence 1909 Chruch Group Card Diggers

Young Girl

1910 School

1947 School


1907 Swimming Hole

School 1890 photo CDVPhoto CDV Photo 1915 photo Sunrise Motel

Scotland Co Fair 1919

Card Dish 1900

Central Hotel 1885


School Opener Dish

1891 Central Hotel Ad

Baptist Church 1917 Baptist Church Combs House Lake Park

Court House 1950s High School Rexall Drugs Memorabilia

Band 1910 Bridge Post Card Christian Church Vintage Race Car

Scenery Scenery New Court House 1907 North Side

Scenery Rev Smith Home 1910 School Cup GAR 1924    Simington

West Side   Mason's Opera Saturday 1907




Memphis,  Indiana

Memphis, INDIANA is a designated "Place" in Clark County.  The population at the 2010 census was 695.  The village was actually begun in 1852 and a post office was established 2 years later.   The original settlers were from Memphis, Tennessee - thus its name.  The location is just north of Louisville, Kentucky.

Memphis Main Street 1913 Memphis tornado

Memphis Truck Stop    

Street Scene Abandoned School Canning Label

Historical Marker

  Christian Church 1908 Trade Card






Memphis,  Alabama

Memphis, ALABAMA is located Pickens County.  The 2010 census population was 29, and the town has a total area of 0.4 square miles.  There are a total of 10 households and 6 families residing here.  It is known as OLD Memphis.

Ghost Town Deserted Cemetery

Willie King Festival 2004

Charity House Charity House Charity House

Charity House

Will Boykin House

Will Boykin House Will Boykin House

Will Boykin House     


Will Boykin House    

Will Boykin House      





Memphis,  Nebraska

Memphis, NEBRASKA is a village in Saunders County.  The population was 114 at the  2010 census.  There were 47 households and 33 families residing here.


Bar Post Office   Train Station

Smallest Post Office Ice House 1910 Souvenir Plate






Memphis,  Mississippi

Memphis,  MISSISSIPPI was a village in De Soto County.  The population in 2000 was 87.  In 2004, the Village of Memphis officially became part of the town of Walls.





Memphis,  Florida

Memphis, FLORIDA is a "Place" in Manatee County.  The population at the 2000 census was 7.264 and it has a total area of 3.2 square miles. 





Memphis,  New York

Memphis,  New York is a "hamlet" in the Town of Van Buren, west of Syracuse NY.  The small community is spread over a wide area due to the primary use of land for farming.  There is a natural spring here known as "Whiskey Hallow" which the local community uses for a fresh source of water. 


Erie Canal-Memphis NY Main Street Main Street Chruch Street

Main Street 1909 Main Street Postcard 1910 Mary Browning Erie Canal - Memphis


Street Scene


Main Street




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