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Dave French and Maureen Thoni White were originally part of the team for the Historic-Memphis.com website.  Prior to the debut of the website, they were infrequent collectors of Memphis memorabilia and postcards.  The website made them acutely aware of the great value of postcards in researching the history of Memphis and they have since developed into dedicated collectors.  The majority of  their collection has been fed onto various pages of the website.  Some items that were similar to items already on a website page, or didn't particularly add to the page, were not posted - but they also deserve to be seen.    In addition, other items in their collection just didn't fit anywhere.  So this page became the  "overflow"  for their memorabilia collection.

     Dave Frence

Maureen Thoni White



Vintage Postcards  .  No one ever dreamed how important old postcards would eventually become in documenting history.  Welcome to the number one "collectible" in the world.  Don't throw those cards away! 


      1906 Cotton by rail

1907 Country Club

1907 Hunting Scene

1909 Golf Course


Postcards are presented in no particular order.  Click on the small photos to see full screen photos.


2500 Bales   1958 CC Parade National Cemetery 1928

Magevney House

Naval Air Station

Memphis-Harahan Bridges

Chrome Dining     


Overton- Japanese Garden    

Zoo - Monkey Mound

1906 Possibly Front St

Vintage YMCA Room

   John Reb Restaurant       Sunken Garden Sunken Garden O.P. Japanese Gardens

Confederate Park Confederate Park Country Club Pink Palace


Millington Enlisted Barracks

North Court St.

Sterick Building

1941 Overton Park



Court Square   

Chisca Hotel

Giraffs at Zoo

St. Peter's Orphanage



1906 Forrest Park 1910 - Mailed to Germany >> << 1910 ...Germany(inside) Court Street

Lyceum Theatre 1906     TN Trust '06    .    Grissly     Chisca Hotel 1930 Pink Palace 1944

Memphis Wharf Campus Grill Mud Island River Walk River front-skyline

Courthouse Panarama Card Forrest Park Forrest Park Panarama Card

Zoo Panarama Card Boy Scouts 1931 Cobblestone Stereo

1908 Overton Pavilion 1911 Overton Park 1911 Overton Driveway

Overton Park Driveway


1906 Souvenir 1907 C. L. Baker 1908 Mountain Cotton Seed Merchantile Bank

Confederate & Jeff Davis Parks

Louisville-Memphis Packet  -Back: Distances... 1936 Santa Harbin's Hiway 51

 Pavillon Dr. Scherer - Exchg. Bldg Dr. Scherer - Back

Riverboat Schedule   


Memphis Warehouse 1 Memphis Warehouse 2 Memphis Warehouse 3 Memphis Warehouse 4

Memphis Warehouse 5 Memphis Warehouse 6 Memphis Warehouse 7 Phillipi Wishart Co
Vintage Memorabilia

Robilio's Glass Hospital Article 1927 Furniture Ad 1918 - Bridge 1918 Ferry Crossing


1880s Wagon              

Carnival Floats

1917 Mini Poster

1862 Memphis View


100 N Main

Belmont Cafe

Adm Benbow

White House

Budwiser Grill

Flame Room

Grisanti's Brass Rail



 Railroad Timekeepers Case

Inspectors Case

1892 Leslie's Weekly

Loeb Matchbook


The Victorian trading cards (below) were an early form of advertising.   Typically, they had a nice picture on the front, and advertising or the name of a company printed or stamped on the back.  Merchants and street walkers would hand them out .  With the advent of lithography, it became possible to mass-produce them in color.  This led to the golden age from 1876 to the early 1900s.  Because they were so colorful, folks began saving them and today, they are highly collectible. 


<<<<  Victorian Trading Cards for the Oliver-Finnie Company.   Collection Dave French  >>>>


1919 Memphis Street Railway

1921 Commercial Appeal Env. 1908 Memphis Button Works

1908 Memphis Button Works


U. S. Memphis Trolley-Bus brochure Match Books 1864 Bus. Card

1956 Auto Testing     Tennessee Brewing Token 1910 Tax Bill Memphis Auto Club

Imperial Lanes Matchbook


1941 Souvenir


So. Confection Co

1911 Memphis Ford


1894 Envelope 1894 Envelope 1912 Tri State Fair Envelope

1912 Roof Ad

Plate - Forrest Park

1899 Standard Oil Envelope

1864 Memphis Postmark

1916  Ad


<<   1896 Memphis Tax Ledger and some sample tax bills from 1896    >>


Thermometer c 1920

1925  Badge

1914 Taxi

Wm York - Wharf 1951

Wm York - Belmont Cafe 1951

1892 Exchange Helen Raffle 1916 Nat. Guard-Border Souvenir Natch the Bear

1916 Loeb's Shirt Co.


1914 MSSC


Customs House 1916

Memphis Hardwood Flooring series of "Chicasaw Chats"


Watch Fob 1916      

Memphis Print


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