Memorabilia from all Memphis Schools


Vintage memorabilia from all the Memphis Schools is featured on this page.  You'll find many complete school yearbooks, many historical photos and vintage  articles about individual schools.   Viewers of this page are encouraged to send in photos or scans of their own personal Memphis school memorabilia.  This is a very long page with a great deal of information.

If your school is not represented below, it's simply because no one has come forward to volunteer to send us any memorabilia from that school.  Please contact us:






CENTRAL HIGH  Yearbooks, Vintage Photos, Memorabilia
Central opened in 1911 as part of Memphis's plan to locate high schools in various locations around the city.  Within 7 years  the school reached capacity and students were being shifted to temporary locations, as Memphis continued with the plan to build more schools.  Central has always been recognized as a school specializing in College Preparatory programs.


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1917 -145 Pages

1923 Yearbook- Jan

1923 Yearbook- Jun

1926 Yearbook

1945 Yearbook

1946 Yearbook


1910 Bricklayers  - Very Rare

1913 Class Photo 1932 Class Photo

1923 Junior Class Photo

1938 Class Photo

1920 Commencement

1926 Autographs

1929 Magazine


     1938 Class

Central Button

Central Decal

Wooden Pin

Wooden Pin


Vintage photo of Central


1936 Graduarion


1937 refugees at  Central


Central High - 4th City Championship in a row - 1955

1917  Class Photo

1939 Class Photo

1932 Class Ring 1919 Track Team Diploma 1944 1922 Class - Lyric Theatre

1927 Class Ring     



1946 Class Photo


EAST HIGH  .  Yearbooks, Vintage Photos, and Memorabilia

East High opened September 1948 on a site at the intersection of Poplar and Holmes - a truly modern work of architecture.  The Annex was added in 1950 and the auditorium in 1954.  J. P. Snider was the first principal and the new school's first senior class graduated in 1951.


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1956 Yearbook

1938 East High site

1949 Faculty  Memorabilia Button

East High today East High 1950 East High Kitchen 1964 Cybil Shepherd 1966 Cybil Shepherd

HAMILTON HIGH  .  Yearbooks, Vintage Photos, and Memorabilia

Hamilton originally opened in 1941 as a Junior High School.  In 1943 the name was changed to Hamilton High School and the first class graduated in 1945.   The school was named for Green Polonius Hamilton, who had taught and influenced thousands of students during his career.  He had been the principal of Kortrecht High,  the first and only school for Blacks in Memphis.

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1948 Yearbook Wildcats logo G. P. Hamilton 1st Hamilton HS Hamilton kitchen Hamilton HS today

HUMES HIGH  .  Yearbooks, Vintage Photos, and Memorabilia

Humes High was built in 1925 to address the educational needs of the growing population on the north side of Memphis.  It was named for Lawrence Cavell Humes, local businessman who became Chairman of the Board of Education.  Today the school is remembered for one very famous 1953 student - Elvis Presley


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1930 Yearbook 1934 Yearbook 1942 Yearbook 1945 Yearbook '53 Yearbook (Elvis) 1938 Class Photo

1932 Diploma

1930 Diploma

1927 Certificate

1946 Commencement Program


1953 Class Photo (Elvis)

1953 Commencement (Elvis)

1953 Class (Elvis)

Elvis Diploma '53


1952 Directory (Elvis)

1948 Commencement Program

1950 Miss Gibson's Class


1923 Class Ring

Dear ole Humes

Humes Parade

Booster Pin


 Humes Postcard


KORTRECHT HIGH Vintage Photos, Articles, Memorabilia
From 1867 and for the next 75 years, virtually every African American in Memphis will trace his/her education to either Clay School or it's successor Kortrecht School.  Originally the first black school was named Clay, after the street where it was located.  Soon after opening the name was changed to Kortrecht after the school board President who was instrumental in getting the school built.  Green P. Hamilton became the first principal.  In 1926 Kortrecht High school became Booker T. Washington in a new building, and Green P. Hamilton became the first principal of the new school.


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Discovery 1917 Diploma

RARE - 1917 Kortrecht Diploma

1891 Class Photo

         1926 Photo


1881 Kortrecht Teacher List

Class Photo c. 1910-12

Green P. Hamilton

   1874 Newspaper Article



Peabody Bldg became Kortrecht    

Lucie Campbell Williams


1918 . A Very rare Kortrecht Class Announcement and Graduation Program


1918 Class Announcement and Graduation Program

  Class of 1925


MANASSAS HIGH Vintage Photos, Articles, and Memorabilia
Manassas High was established in 1899 and was the first four-year accredited "colored" high school in Shelby County.  The first senior class graduated in 1924.  Manassas initiated the first sports program among black schools in Memphis in 1924.  Two famous names are associated with the school:  Isaac Hayes and Jimmie Lunceford.  The building at Manassas and Firestone closed in 2007 and will be demolished.  Rather than renovate the old building, Memphis built a new school just down the street.


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1926 Report Card

1926 Report Card

1955 Gym Photo

Manassas Band -Vintage

Manassas Decal


We would like to add vintage Manassas Yearbooks .  Please Contact us.


MELROSE HIGH  .  Yearbooks, Vintage Photos, and Memorabilia

Melrose was established in 1890 and was the pride of the Orange Mound neighborhood.  It became part of the Memphis City Schools in 1919.  By 1929 the building was considered "a fire trap", and a new building was finally funded in 1937.  By the time it opened in 1938, Park Avenue Schools and Melrose had merged.  The first high school graduation was in 1946. 


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1937 Yearbook

Melrose 1938

Old Melrose 2008

Melrose Decal

Rare 1939 Melrose Postcard


Melrose 1967

Melrose 1938

Melrose 1960

Melrose Library 1946

Melrose Today


We really would like to add two more  vintage Melrose Yearbooks to this space.  Please contact us ???

MESSICK HIGH  .  Yearbooks, Vintage Photos, and Memorabilia

The FIRST consolidated school in Shelby County was organized in 1908, and composed of the elementary schools of Buntyn, Fleece Station, and Avlon.  It was named for the Superintendent of County Schools, Miss Elizabeth Messick.   In 1930 Messick became a Memphis City School.


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1946 Yearbook

1948 Yearbook

1950 Yearbook

1951 Yearbook

1960 Yearbook

        The Mar-keys


Freda Kenner Article

1915 Class Photo

Early School Bus

1952 Kids Day


1908 Photo      

1922 Photo

1970 Ring

1946 Play

1922 Class


  . Yearbooks, Vintage Photos, Memorabilia

To alleviate the growing student population a new high school was constructed in south Memphis in 1922 and appropriately named South Side High School.  The school was closed in 1989 and the building was demolished around 2001.


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1931 Yearbook 1936 Yearbook 1943 Yearbook 1951 Yearbook 1957Yearbook

1958 Yearbook


1938 Class Photo



ROTC Patch

1931 Class Photo


1939 Class Photo

1957 20th


Stahl Watercolor

1961 Championship

TECH HIGH Yearbooks, Vintage Photos, and Memorabilia

Tech began in September 1911 as the Memphis Vocational High School in the old "castle" building vacated when Memphis High School closed.  In 1918, the name changed to Crockett Vocational High, and in 1921 to Crockett Technical High, and finally in 1928 to Memphis Technical High, when the school moved to their new building at 1266 Poplar.


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1919 Yearbook

1922 Yearbook 1927 Sentinel 1928 Yearbook 1938 Yearbook 1942 Yearbook

1951 Yearbook


1931Class Ring

1935 Class Ring 1949 "Funeral" Notice Jacket C. 1950s Buckle

Cheerleader 1950

Mgr. Letter 1968 1938 Letter Tech Decal 1951 Commencement 1952 Sweater

Rare 1929 Aerial Photo

Roster 1939-40

Diploma -Tassel  1951

  Tech Pass - 1950

1951 Honors Certificate


 Central vs Tech(MVHS) 1920

1933 Class Ring

1938 Class Ring


* Tech High School has its own comprehensive coverage on another page of this website >  Click here

TREADWELL HIGH Yearbooks, Vintage Photos, Memorabilia

Between 1915-1920, measures were taken to acquire land and build Treadwell Elementary and Junior High School.  It was later expanded into Treadwell High School and graduated it's first senior class in 1942.  The school was named for Arthur Barlow Treadwell who donated the land for the school


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1961 Yearbook


Band Hat 1950s

ROTC Patch

Treadwell 1922


Treadwell 1946


Chemistry Class

1960 Program

Tradwell 1960


  9th Grade - 1935

1968 Class Ring


Treadwell Painting

J Lawler-H.Stahl


Booker T. Washington High School

 Originally founded in 1873 as the Clay School and was among the first public high schools for African Americans in Memphis.  It was renamed Kortrecht High School in 1891.  In 1926 a new building was constructed and the school was renamed again in honor of educator and civil rights leader Booker T. Washington. 


Booker T Washington 1926


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Booker T Washington


BTW - Diploma 1930

1930 - Booker T. Washington Diploma and note


BTW Painting      

1946 Band Photo


We really would like to add a couple of vintage Booker T. Washington Yearbooks to this space.  Please contact us ???


ALL OTHER MEMPHIS SCHOOLS  ... no particular order.


Memphis High School - 1877?-1910 .  Originally referred to as "The High School", the name gradually developed into "Memphis High School".  The school was located on the top floor of the Market Street School Building.  Their first real building was on the Leath Elementary School Campus and the name briefly changed to "Leath High School".  In 1898,  the Memphis High School name was resurrected when a new building opened on the corner of Poplar and Yates.  It remained here until 1911 when the new Central opened and the old building became Memphis Vocational High School.


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1898 MHS Pin

1906 MHS Class

1908 MHS

1887 MSS- MHS

1879 MHS Diploma


Rare view of MHS

1904 MHS

1904 MHS Program

MHS Souvenir Vase

              MHS Plate


1875 High School Commencement Program

  1909 MHS Commencement

1899 Memphis HS Commencement


MHS Plate MHS Plate Detail    

MHS TP Holder


* Memphis High School has its own comprehensive coverage on another page of this website >  Click here

Clay (Virginia Street)  .  Howe Institute  .  Lemoyne 

The First Clay 1900s

Clay School

Clay Bldg 1937

Clay Opening 1874

Virginia St School 1891


LeMoyne Diploma 1963

LeMoyne 1871

LeMoyne 1910

 LeMoyne 1930


1892 Howe Institute.

Howe Institute

LeMoyne Button

LeMoyne Postcard

LeMoyne Campus


 * Early Black Schools have their own comprehensive coverage on another page of this website >  Click here


 * LeMoyne-Howe Institute-Owen have comprehensive coverage on another page of this website >  Click here


The Grammar Schools:  
Bruce .Cummings .GordonGuthrie .Kortrecht .Leath .Lauderdale .Lawler .Maury  .Peabody .Smith   


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Cummings 1931

Guthrie 1918-20

Kortrecht 1910

Leath - Lawler ? 1920


Maury 1925


Maury 1931

Riverside 1914 Riverside 1925

Grammar Certificate 1920 Grammar Certificate 1926 Grammar Certificate 1946 Smith (Market Street) School

Cummings 1932 Cummings 1912 Cummings 1911 Cummings 1932 Guthrie 1946

Lauderdale 1919

Lauderdale 1923 Gordon 1932 Peabody 1921 Peabody 1922
Gordon 1911-12 Maury 1926-27 Maury 1912-13 Lauderdale 1912

Bruce 1928


 * Smith (Market St School) has its own comprehensive coverage on another page of this website >  Click here

The Junior High Schools:  
Bellevue . Fairview . Hamilton . Hollywood . Leath . Longview . Snowden

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Bellevue '48

Bellevue '33 Fairview '46 Hollywood 1931 Hollywood 1939 Hollywood 1950

Snowden 1948

Snowden 1920 

Leath Leath 8th grade 1912 8th grade 1912

Hamilton 1923

Fairview Classroom

Fairview Football 1934

Fairview Report 1945

Fairview Diploma 1948


Snowden 1911

Snowden 1912

Longview Football 1958

Hamilton JH - 1943


Bellevue Crosswalk

Bellevue 1953

Bellevue Sports Field Back of Bellevue

Bellevue Kitchen


* Fairview Junior High has its own comprehensive coverage on another page of this website >  Click here

The Parochial and Private Schools:

Christian Brothers College  

The school was founded as Christian Brothers College in 1871.  The Brothers came to Memphis after more than a decade of efforts to persuade them to open a college in the city.  It remains the oldest all-boys educational institution in the city.  The CBC Band, founded in 1872, is the oldest high school band in America.   The school is now known as Christian Bros University.


CBC Campus

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1924 Booklet

1954 Yearbook

CBC Band - 1888

CBC Band - 1890

CBC Band - 1932


Program 1936

Program 1959 612 Adams 1896 1907 Football 1914

<         1949 Commencement        >


1973 Cup

Football 1904


612 Adams 1895 1895 1906 Postcard Red Derby Hat

     Class - Vintage

Campus 1896

1944 Commencement

Baseball 1909

1880a  Adams


Immaculate Conception

In 1922, the Sisters of Mercy founded Immaculate Conception Elementary School, housed in a three-story parish building.  The following year, the school incorporated a co-education high school which shared the building.  In 1950 the high school was converted to an all-female student body. 


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 1969 Yearbook 1969 Diploma 1969 Class Ring 1965 Freshman Beannie

IC  1960s



1962 Class Photo        

Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart opened around 1906 in the old Clara Conway School Building. Later it moved to the corner of Jefferson-Cleveland.  In 1970, three  schools (Father Bertrand High, Catholic High for Boys, and Sacred Heart High for Girls) merged to form a new high school, the Memphis Catholic High.


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1940 Diploma 1940 SH Grad Diploma Cover Sacred Heart 1940 Sacred Heart 9th 1937

Sacred Heart Coin

SH Token

SH Pin 1939

1943 Stella Stevens

1936-39 Basketball Champs

Sacred Heart 1943

Band - c. 1908-10 SH Badge SH School

Report 1942-43

Report 1942-43

Diploma - Tassel

1965 Ring

1964 Prom Program


1913 Diploma


St. Agnes Academy

St. Agnes Academy "for young ladies" was founded by the Dominican Sisters in 1851.  The school was located in the Memphis suburbs at 697 Vance  Street at Orleans.  On opening day there were 20 boarders and about 15 day-students.  By year's end, the enrollment had increased to more that 50. 


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1947 Yearbook 1870 AD 1876 AD 1878 Program 1947 Logo

1947 Dance Ticket


* St. Agnes Academy has its own comprehensive coverage on another page of this website > Click Here


University School

MUS was founded in 1893 as a college preparatory school for boys.  The school's purpose was threefold:  to prepare boys for competitive colleges, to provide them a liberal education, and to help them develop into cultured Christian gentlemen.  The school's reputation was so sound that many of America's leading colleges exempted its students from entrance examinations.


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University 1909 1909 Yearbook

University Football 1906

Univesity 1909

University Gym 1909


Vintage photo 1974 Class Ring Track Team Vintage Postcard

Baseball 1900s

 and     ...     Conway Institute . Higbee School . Hutchison's .  St. Mary's

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Higbee School 1907      

Higbee Chemistry Lab

1912 Higbee

Higbee 1912

Higbee Memorial


Conway Institute 1877   St Mary's 1921-22 St Mary's 1927

St. Mary's Fire ... Circa 1948


Hutchion 1936

Hutchison Button

Hutchison School

Miss Htchison

Hutchison Swim Team


1948 Hutchison


* The Higbee School has its own comprehensive coverage on another page of this website >  Click here

* Both the Higbee School and Conway Institute are featured on another page of this website >  Click here

Miscellaneous Schools and Memorabilia:

Jefferson School 1885

MVHS Building- 1912 flood

City Schools - 1885

Schools 1900

Magevney School


 White Station 1943

Raleigh 1894

Idlewild 1928

Arlington 1925     


1930 Principals Group

1965 Principals Pin

Kingsbury 1960

1913 School Bus

Board Education 1960s



Whitehaven 1929 Whitehaven 1929 Whitehaven 1936 Whitehaven Faculty 1914

Whitehaven Ring 1978

Whitehaven Patch Whitehaven 1893 Whitehaven - Stahl

Whitehaven 1942        


St. Patrick's  1898 - 1899

St. Patrick's Commencement 1907

St. Pat's 1905

St. Pat's 1915


Little Flower 1938

LeroyPope 1910

Carnes 1948

Collierville 1947

Pentecost Boy's Schl


Levi 1923-24

Levi Certificate '25

Levi Graduation '25

Levi 1925

Levi Report 1924-25


Idlewild 1928

Idlewild 1929

Certificate 1890

Whitehaven 1929

Pope 1912


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