Central Autographs -  1926

Frances Calvert
was a senior in the Central High class of 1926.  She collected these autographs of her classmates in this unique Autograph Book, which Maureen Thoni White found on Amazon.com in 2011.  We've posted most photos (below) of those who wrote in Frances' book.


Thanks George Whitworth for your 1926 Central Yearbook senior photos and Maureen Thoni White for scanning your Autograph Book and George's Central Yearbook 1926 senior photos.


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1926 Autograph Book Front Page My Class Pages 1 and 2

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< Miller  Frazier >
< Cooper  Thomas >

Pages 3 and 4

Pages 5 and 6


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 < Goodman Miller >

< Krivner Thomason >

Pages 7 and 8


Pages 9 and 10

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< Thomas Nash >
< Phillips Arnold >

Pages 11 and 12


Pages 13 and 14

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< Bentley Britt >
< Aithen Clark >
Pages 15 and 16   Pages 17 and 18

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Brinkley p3 Bedwell p4
Thomas p9 Moore p14
Scott p5 Wills p6
Boots p15 Folz p16

Willis p7

Miller p8

Bunch p17

Clark p18

Pages 19 and 20



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