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Memphis Biographies

This page is all about prominent Memphians you may or may not know.  Some are famous and some are not.  They're often associated with a well-known local business or event in Memphis history.  On the pages listed below, you'll find photo-bios of these individuals and the business, or simply photo-bios about well-known Memphis businesses.


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Bob Berryman        
and the Silver Slipper Nightclub
Hu Brinkley
and the Lyceum Theatre
  D. Canale & Co. 
and Old Dominick.
Samuel T. Carnes 
Telephone, Electricity, & Automobile.
Tony "Monk" Cassatta
Memphis' favorite eccentric

C  >

Robert Reed Church
The first black millionaire.
Sol Coleman
Cigars and Ko Ko Tulu Gum.
Barron G. Collier 
Father of Streetcar Advertising


  Clara Conway            
+ the Clara Conway Institute
Cortese Brothers     
+ the Music they brought to Memphis
E. H. Crump
Historic "Boss" from 1910-1954.

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Rowland J. Darnell          
and The Nineteenth Century Club
Dinstuhl's Candies
In Memphis since 1902

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Maude Fealy
The Beauty and the Actress
Oliver-Finnie Grocer Co.
A Memphis Institution
French - Thoni White
Postcard-Memorabilia Collection


Thomas Hannah, Jr.
Civil War Letters from Memphis
Hayes-Sons Funeral Home     ...oldest Black Business "Machine Gun" Kelly
Captured in Memphis Hideout

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  J. C. Harbin   
And his Motel, Pool, and Dairy
Jenny M. Higbee      
and the Memphis Higbee School


Madame Vincent       
and t
he Crystal Palace Saloon
Mayors of Memphis      
...1827 to the present.
Menken Bros Dry Goods 
the forgotten Department Store

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  Frank T. Montgomery 
and Memphis Majestic Theatres
William R. Moore
and the Moore School of Technology
Oak Hall      
and the Memphis Halle Family.
  Orgill Brothers & Co 
Oldest Memphis firm.
  Photographers.. Coovert,
Hooks, Newman, Poland, Speer

R - T >

Clarence Saunders
And the Piggly Wiggly
A. Schwab
 - since 1876
Tony's Fruit Stand
A Memphis Institution


Peter Van Vleet
Van Vleet Drugs and Old Tech High
Ida B. Wells 
and The People's Grocery.
George Whitworth Collection
Memphis Books, Photos, Memorabilia

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  Paul Revere Williams
Architect to the Stars
  Hoyt Wooten
World's largest private bomb shelter

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Otto Zahn
Master Bookbinder

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