TEnNesseanS 1901

                ... Historic Photographs of Who's Who in Tennessee


   George Whitworth

In the 416 pages of "Tennesseans", over 800 historic portraits are presented.  It's literally a "Who's Who" for the Tennessee of 1901.   And it's one of the most remarkable reference works available for this early period.  The Tennessee historian will undoubtedly use this book daily.  And every public library in the state should have a copy.  If an early, historic Tennessean is not depicted here, it's probably because no photo was available at the time the book was published. 

Because this website is dedicated to "Historic-Memphis" and the "Tennesseans"  is over 416 pages, we have posted only the photographs-information related to historic Memphians.  The portraits below have been separated so they can be alphabetized on the website - for easier research.


< Sincere thanks to George Whitworth, Memphis Attorney-Historian-Collector, for allowing us to scan and post  his book >
< Special thanks to Maureen Thoni White,  Historic-Memphis.com team member,  for her excellent scanning of the book >



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408 pages ...  featuring 2 excellent portraits on each page ...

Some famous Tennesseans featured in the book who are not "Historic Memphians"

James K. Polk Andrew Jackson Andrew Johnson Sam Houston

William B. Campbell


The Historic Memphians in the book:  Click on the small photos to see enlargements.

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       H. B. Aden C. Arnault George Arnold W. T. Arrington

W. T. Arrington, Jr     


     W. T. Avery O. S. Baker  Lem Banks A. Barnett

W. D. Beard    


      R. M. Becker John E. Bell E. T. Bennett H. R. Boyd

William Bowles


  J. W. Buchanan

Harry Catlett Buck, Jr.

M. S. Buckingham   Richard E. Bullington

Benijah Smith Byrnes


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   E. W. Carmack 

S. T. Carnes    

W. F. Carroll

William H. Carroll

A. A. Chighizola    


    John L. Cocke

Barron G. Collier

W. J. Crawford   

C. H. Crisman

 T. J. Crofford     


   A. E. Cummins

A. L. Cummins

L. P. Cummins     

    A. R. Davant

Frederick P. Davenport


   J. W. Dickson

L. W. Dutro

W. C. Early     

Jesse Edgington

T. B. Edgington     

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W. C. Edmondson W. B. Edrington

Alexander Erskine

J. T. Fargason Guston T. Fitzhugh

Nathan B. Forrest

Jesse T. Forsythe   A. H. Frank William A. Freeman F. A. Gaffney     

Thomas F. Gailor

J. C. Galloway     J. S. Galloway M. Gavin D. A. Given       
   C. S. Gladden J. M. Goodbar Ed F. Grace James M. Greer Rowan A. Greer  

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David Park Hadden B. M. Hale Dupree Merriwether Hall Ely S. Hammond J. B. Hegarty      
Joseph Brown Heiskell B. G. Henning Napoleon Hill J. F. Houck O. K. Houck     
John P. Houston Foster Hume Frank B. Hunter H. E. Hutchens Joseph A. Isele     
    Martin J. Isele Thomas H. Jackson B. C. Johnson Heber Jones Kennedy Jones      

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    Walk C. Jones Richard Pinkney Lake T. J. Latham E. B. LeMaster

H. J. Lenow      


       Owen Lilly

Edward Brooks Loomis

G. W. Macrae

W. B. Mallory     

James H. Malone    


     Jeff B. Marmon

Alfred Douglass Mason Carrington Mason

Lundsford Yandell Mason

R. L. Matthews    


Brother Maurelian

R. B. Maury J. C. McDavitt

E. B. McHenry    

K. D. McKellar    


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Robert L. McKellar

Thomas N. McKeon

E. L. Menager

C. W. Metcalf Wm. P. Metcalf   
   J. L. Mewborn Robert W. Mitchell Geo. Henderson Monsarratt S. R. Montgomery Edward Moon    
Thomas C. Moore Wm. R. Moore Hirsh Morris James Craik Morris James Nathan     
    H. M. Neely J. A. Omberg Josiah Patterson Joseph Whitley Peete

J. R. Pepper      



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Wm. Armstrong Percy

N. C. Perkins

George B. Peters John M. Peters

P. H. Phelan, Jr.   


William H. Phelan

Samuel H. Phillips

A. B. Pickett

D. T. Porter

Edw. Spenser Proudfit


     C. H. Raine      

George Randolph

Wm. M. Randolph Jerome E. Richards

T. K. Riddick     


   Thomas L. Risk  

Oscar Kimble Robertson

W. B. Rogers

H. A. Roynon

E. Paul Sale     


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Louis Sambucetti   

     H. B. Sanford

W. B. Sanford John Savoy

John W. Schorr     


    C. W. Schulte     

Thomas M. Scruggs

Harvey B. Shanks A. A. Sharp

N. W. Sherman     


   Gilmer P. Smith     

J. H. Smith     

William L. Smith

Frank D. Smythe

John K. Speed    


Robert A. Speed

W. J. Strayer     

J. W. Thompson

C. H. Threlkeld

Howell Turner    


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   John W. Turner  

Peter P. Van Vleet

George S. Verger

C. J. Wagner

Anthony Walsh     


   John T. Walsh

H. C. Warriner

H. L. Warriner James H. Watson

     L. M. Weathers      


       J. J. Williams

Henry Cuthbert Williamson Robert C. Williamson

Samuel M. Williamson

   W. A. Williford    


Neander M. Woods

Isaac Wright

Steve M. Wright

Fred B. Young     

     J. P. Young      


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