Historic Portraits 2

...Who's Who in Memphis . 1914-20



Whenever we come across an interesting person in History, we often think, "Wonder what he looked like?". This website probably receives as many requests for photos of Memphis Pioneers as the library, so we created this page of Historic Portraits as a response to many of our inquiries.  This page 2 begins in 1914 - where the previous Historic Portraits  page left off.   There are over 300 photos.  Click on any letter of the alphabet (below) to take you instantly to the names that begin with that letter.


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Wert Adams J.G. Adler

A. Aeschelman

B.C. Alsup M.J.Anderson T.B.Andrews Geo Arnold G. Arnold, Jr.



Wm J. Bacon

W.H. Baldwin C. E. Banning J. L. Barton Morris Bassist W. H. Bates L. D. Bejach J.C. Bell     

Thos E. Bell

E. T. Bennett G.C. Bennett J.F.Bickers G.E.Billingsley W.T. Black F.C. Bower

C.A. Bratton


W.T. Braun

James Brett Jr. J.D. Bridger F.S.Bright J.W. Brister R.L. Brown H.L.Buckingham J.F. Burke    

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A. K.  Burrow

S. M. Bush

Tait Butler          

S.I. Calhoun H.M.Callicott P. M. Canale J.J.Carrigan J.H. Carter W.C.Chandler


Alex Christie

R.B. Clinton M.M. Cohen F.P.Coleman H. Coleman Sol Coleman C.H. Collier

H.P. Conley  

J. E. Conley

J.A. Covington I.W.Crabtree W.J.Crawford P. O. Croce C.M.Crump

E. H. Crump  

B. Culpepper




D. Darnell

J.M. Deen W.C. Dewey Thos Dies C.M. Dinstuhl

L.R. Donelson

E.M.Douglass E.F.Dowling
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W. F. Dunbar

J. B. Duncan

B.J. Edward S.J. Ellis Max Fabish F.W. Faxon L.C.Feemster L.J. Fleming
H.C. Foster R.J. Foster T.J. Foster J.A. Fowler J.M.Fowlkes Thos Fox E.E.Francis P.R. Friedel
Roy Fuhrer

J.D. Gabel A.B. Galloway R. Galloway C. Garnsey, jr P. A. Gates C. A. Gerber

J. R. Godwin  

Max Goltman

J.B. Goodbar J.M. Goodbar R.D. Goodwyn J.J. Griffin H.E. Guiliani F.M. Guthrie

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E.W. Hale

Louis M.Hall

Wm P. Hall

C.C. Hanson

C. Harris Geo. Harsh W.J. Hayes W. H. Hayley



D.M. Henning

L.L. Hidinger

W.H. Hitchings T. E. Hoepfner     J. L. Holly W.T. Hudson


J.H. Hughes

J. W. Hull A.P. Hunt

C. A. Hunt

Henry Hurst H. P. Hurt    

W.L. James

A.H. Johnson

R.O. Johnston Heber Jones

Otis Jones




L.T. Kavanaugh

Samuel Kaye T.H. Kelley

H. P. Kelly

John E. Kelly Geo. Kennedy W.M. Kennedy A.A.Kincannon

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Earl King

Thos B. King O. I. Kruger
F.W. Lange P.W. Lanier Carl Larsen M.E. Leake E.R.Leatherman E. B.  LeMaster

J. E. Lenti


A. C. Lewis W. H. Lewis G.F.Liebkemann John Lilly T.J. Locke

Geo C. Love



G.W. Macrae

O.S. Maiden

J. H. Malone

J.D. Martin N.H. Martin C. R. Mason

J. I. Mather

Bro Maurelian


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R. B. Maury

J.E.McCadden W.P.McCadden G.N.McCormick

J.E. McFadden

K. McKeller J.C. McLemore John McNulty

E.R. McShane C.M.McTighe C.W. Merker W.T. Michie L.P. Miles C.W. Miller W. H. Miller

E.C. Mitchell


W.L. Mitchell

F.L.Monteverde P.A.Monteverde R.E.Montgomery C.P.J.Mooney J. I. Moore A.E. Morgan R.L. Morriss
M. Moskovitz W.F. Murrah J.A. Murray J. A. Nevils J. Newburger

D. C. Newton




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W.T.Overton N.R. Ozburn

William Page

H.J. Parrish C.C. Pashby


J.R. Pepper P.H. Phelan 


M.C. Picard

R.A. Pierce jr. A.R. Porter Sadie Porter R.H. Prescott F.G. Proutt D. B. Puryear J.F. Ramier


R.W.Ramsey, jr W.A.Ransom E.C.Rawitzer J.M. Raymond S.P. Read St G. Richardson M.J. Roach L.K. Salsbury
G. M. Schloss C.O.Scholder M.Schonberger James Seat A.Y. Scott T.M. Scruggs A.N. Seesell

A. B. Shafer

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C.D. Smith J.T. Smith W.G.Somerville Jos Specht R.A. Speed R. G. Stanley W. Stansell Wm. Stanton

J.E. Stark S. Steinberg R.H. Stickley W.J. Stotz C.R. Strain E.S. Sutton E.L. Sykes J. E. Tate
A.R. Taylor J.L. Thomas J.B. Thomason D.L.Thompson F. Thompson G.M. Tidwell P.W. Toombs R.P. Towner

T.H. Tutwiller P.P. Van Vleet F.H. Venn T.O. Vinton

John Vogt

S.P.Walker A. Walsh A.P. Walsh 

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J.T. Walsh J.T. Walsh Jr Roane Waring T. R. Watkins J.H. Weatherford W.B. Weisiger J.F.Whitaker E.K. White

Wm. White 

J.S. Williams

J.J. Williams R.B.Williams S.M.Williamson J.W.Williamson H.T.Winkelman P.H. Wood


E.E. Wright

L. E. Wright



J.B. York Robt. York J. P. Young          

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The Historic-Memphis website does not intentionally post copyrighted photos and material without permission or credit.  On occasion a "non-credited" photo might possibly be posted because we were unable to find a name to give credit.  Because of the nature of our non-commercial, non-profit, educational website, we strongly believe that these photos would be considered "Fair Use.  We have certainly made no monetary gain, although those using this website for historic or Genealogy research have certainly profited.  If by chance, we have posted your copyrighted photo, please contact us, and we'll remove it immediately, or we'll add your credit if that's your choice.  In the past, we have found that many photographers volunteer to have their works included on these pages and we'll  also do that if you contact us with a photo that fits a particular page. 


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