Historic Billheads and Invoices

...100 Years of Memphis Billheads 1846-1946


Billhead receipts and Invoices were commonly used in business transactions from 1860 to 1946.  They can be found in today's transactions but they are less common.  Many billheads were illustrated with fancy engravings and listed the company's name , address, various information and very often handwritten notes.  Today they are considered vintage ephemera and are very collectible.  In many cases a relative or ancestor may have owned the business or signed the document.  Billheads are similar to today's letterheads except that they often make statements about the companies whose names are on the documents. 


In 2015 Woody Savage and his brother Ken scanned over 1500 Billheads and invoices from the Estate Files of Hardeman County, Tennessee , housed in Bolivar, Tennessee.   Over 200 of the files were from Memphis.  Woody graciously sent copies of the Memphis files to us for use on the Historic-Memphis website.  We felt this major gift deserved a separate page on the website and have added additional billheads that we own.    We hope it will become a useful resource for those who are  doing projects on early Memphis.   There are over 250  photos.  Click on any letter of the alphabet (below) to move instantly to the names that begin with that letter.  The alphabet appears on about every 10th row.


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Adams Express Co

Adler & Bro
Fine Boots and Shoes 1882

Anderson-Tully Co
Paper, Boxes, Cases 1898


Apperson & Co
Cotton Factor-Grocer 1961

Ashbrook & White
Hides, Furs, & Wool 1887

E. C. Atkins & Co
Saw Tools 1898



Austin Clothing Co
Manufacturers - Jobbers1927







M. F. Ball
Justice of the Peace 1890

Baptist Hospital

Baptist Hospital


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Bingham Brothers
Photographic Gallery 1869

Binswanger & Co
Glass 1918



Bohlen, Huse & Co
Ice ... 1881

John H. Bowen
Dry Goods 1850

Broadway Coal-Ice


Brooks, Neely & Co.
Grocers .  1872

Brooks & Saunders
Boots, Shoes, Hats 1860

        W. S. Bruce & Co   
Carriages 1900



E. C. Buchanan & Co   
Feed and Grain 1908


J. H. Buxbaum    
Clothier 1884        




D. Canale & Co
Fruits, Nuts, Produce 1892

D. Canale & Co
Fruits, Nuts, Produce 1901

D. Canale & Co    
Fruits, Nuts, Produce  1916  

D. Canale & Co
Fruits, Nuts, Produce 1922
Carloss Company
Private Utilities . 1925

Carriage-Wagon Supply
Blacksmiths-Horseshoers' 1914

W. J. Chase & Co
General Commission - Grain

Chickasaw Iron Works
Plantation, Mill, Steamboat 1895

Chickasaw Iron Works
Plantation, Mill, Steamboat 1902

Chisca Hotel      

Chisca Hotel      

Chisca Hotel 

Clarendon Hotel      

 Claridge Hotel    

F. H. Clark & Co.     
Watchmakers, Jewelers 1869

Wholesale Grocers 1927

Cloth & Kettman
Wines & Liquors 1872

W. W. Cockrum Co
Produce & Croceries 1854


J. H. Coffin & Co.     
Oils 1895    

Martin Cohen     
Practical Hatter 1885

Cole Manufacturing
Lumber,Paint,Glass 1884


Sol Coleman     
Cigars and Tobacco 1881

Columbia Pictures

Commercial Publishing
Commercial Appeal 1918


C. Cordes & Co   
Groceries - Produce 1862


Cotton Carnival     



Cotton Carnival   

Cubbins and Gunn
Steam Engine Machinery 1865




Day-Bailey Grocer
Wholesale Grocer 1901

Wallpaper 1884  

C. Doherty
Millinery-Fancy Goods 1869


J. M. Dorris   
 Physician 1944   






W. C. Early Co
Wholesale Grocers 1915

Ellis-Jones Drugs
Wholesale Druggists 1915

Ellis-Jones Drugs
Wholesale Druggists 1921


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W. M Farned Cigars
Cigars  1903

Groceries 1856

Dry Goods 1853



Ferree & Andrews    
Cotton Factors 1866     

H. Fitzgerald Co
Grocers 1861

Geo Flaherty & Bro
Furniture and Pianos 1858




N. H. Ford       
    Saddles - Harness 1865

Hats,Caps,Millinery 1908

Fowlkes & Co
Cotton Factors 1865



Frank & Adler
Boots and Shoes 1911

China,Glass,Earthenware 1856

French Millinery
Fancy Goods 1860






Frey & Stanbrough
Live stock 1877




Gayoso Hotel

Dept Store 1946

Goodbar Co
Boots and Shoes 1907


Graham, Cousins & Co
Hardware-Tinware 1885

H. M. Grosvenor
Piano Fortes 1853

Guy, Alden, McCrea
Grocers - Cotton Factors 1868




H. Haack Bakery (Excelsior)
Bread and Cakes 1870

Sol Halle
Gents - Boys' Clothing 1888

Hardwood Lumber Co
Lumber  1890


D. M. B. Hassler Co
Fancy Dry Goods 1854

Hawks-Smith Co   
Hardware and Metals 1859

C. D. Henrickson Co   
Lumber 1859


Chas Herog & Bro
Books, Stationers,Printers 1875

Hill-Fontaine & Co
Cotton Factors-Wholesale Grocers 1875

Hill-Fontaine & Co
Cotton Factors 1880    


J.T. Hinton & Son

H. G. Hollenberg
Great Southwestern Music House  1878

J.F. Holst & Bro   
  Undertakers 1894         





Howell, Wood & Co
Fancy Dry Goods 1867



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Iten Biscuit Co
Crackers,Cakes,Cookies  1929



W. & S. Jack Co
China-Glass-Queensware 1883

Wm Jack & Sons
China-Glass-Queensware 1883

W. & S. Jack Co
China-Glass-Queensware 1895



Jacobs & Garrett
Liquor & Cigars1895

Jones Bros     
Livery 1912 

G. W. Jones & Co    
Wholesale Druggist 1872 



Gents' Clothing 1884

Gents' Clothing 1885 




Keel & Co
Grocers 1865
Edward A. Keeling
Plantation Supplies 1849

E. C. Kirk & Co    
Books - Stationers 1865   




A. Kohlbry & Co
Stoves-Hardware 1886

M. & E. G. Kremer & Co
Dress Goods and Millinery 1885






Langstaff Hardware


F. Lavigne
Human Hair Goods 1873


Lee Bros.    
Railroad & Mill Supplies 1894   

Lehman & Co     
Cheap Cash Store 1854

Levy & Borg      
Gold and Silver 1866



Levy & Feldman
Dry Goods 1902

Live Stock Agents 1933

Loeb & Mook
Gents' Furnishers 1884



B. Lowenstein & Bros
Dry Goods 1882

B. Lowenstein & Bros
Dry Goods 1890

 J. H. Loewenstine & Bros
Dry Goods 1862


L. Lowenstein
Fine Clothing 1884        

Dry Goods 1944 

Lullman & Vienna
Guns & Ammulition  1873


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James Maher
Tin and Sheet Iron 1888

Manoque-Pideon Iron Co.
Railway Supplies  1902

Mansfield & Higbee
Druggists 1872


S. Mansfield & Co
Druggists 1859

S. Mansfield & Co
Druggists 1884

Martin & Co.
Hardware 1874


May Brothers
Lumber 1920

McDowell & Montevrde
Undertakers 1915

        McDowell & Montevrde
Undertakers 1915 


McKinney & Co
Pianos - Furniture 1854

McKinney & Co
Pianos - Furniture 1856

McKinney & Co   
Pianos - Furniture 1860 


McClanahan & Dill

A. R. McNees Co
Farming-Logging 1927

A. R. McNees Co  
Farming-Logging 1927


McNutt & Trotter
Cotton Factors 1860

Memphis Bulletin Printing 1859

Memphis-Charleston RR



Memphis-Charleston RR

       Memphis Conference      
Female Institue  1895    

Memphis Land-Timber Co



Memphis-Mississippi Valley
Land Auctioneers 1882

Memphis-Ohio RR

Memphis Trust Co


Menken Brothers
Dry Goods-Notions  1869

Menken Brothers          
Dry Goods-Notions  1878     

Menken Brothers
Dry Goods-Notions  1880


Menken Brothers
Dry Goods-Notions  1881

Menken Brothers       
Dry Goods-Notions  1886    

Merchants Exchange



Merriman, Byrd & Co
Watches,Jewelry 1869

Merriman & Willcox
Pianos-Organs 1876     

Merrit's Express
Cotton Press  1868



Pitser Miller & Co
Dry Goods 1864

Pitser Miller & Co
Dry Goods 1865

Miller & Bardsley   
Hats, Caps, Furs 1863    



A. J. Montgomery
Cotton Factor 1857

Wm R. Moore
Dry Goods 1906

Saw Mill & Box Factory 1909


Morriss Brothers     
Marble-Granite Monuments 1894

Edgar Morgan
Stock and Poultry Feeds 1919

Muir, Stebbins, Puller




Muir, Stebbins & Pullen
China,Glass,Earthenware 1863






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Nash Hosiery Co
Bear Brand 1927

National Refining Co
Petroleum Products 1910

National Refining Co
Petroleum Products 1927



News Scimitar

J. W. Norris & Co
Funeral Directors 1918

Northrop & Co    
Cotton Factor-Grocer 1863




Oak Hall - Sol Halle
Dry Goods 1888

J. B. Oberle   
Groceries - Feed 1890 

Oliver-Finnie & Co
Fancy Grocer 1870



Oliver-Finnie & Co
Fancy Grocer 1895

Orgill Brothers & Co   
Hardware 1862 

Orgill Brothers & Co
Hardware 1862



Orgill Brothers & Co
Hardware 1895        

Orgill Brothers & Co
Hardware 1904

Orgill Brothers & Co   
Hardware 1927



Orgill Brothers & Co
Hardware 1927






W. N. Page Printing Co

Palace Theater

Minter Parker    
Real Estate Broker 1885



R. A. Parker & Co  
Grocer-Produce 1846

R. A. Parker & Co  
Grocer-Produce 1855

R. A. Parker & Son
Cotton Factor 1859



Patterson Transfer  
Vintage 1890

Peabody Hotel

Peabody Hotel


Peabody Hotel

Peabody Hotel    

Pearce, Suggs & Co
Grocer-Cotton Factors 1880   


Phoenix Cotton Oil   

Pidgeon-Thomas Iron Co

Pope & Brothers    
Dry Goods 1856



Pope & Brothers   
Dry Goods 1856

Post Office      

M. L. Pottle & Co   
Grocer 1863


Daniel Pratt Gin Co
Cotton Gin 1895

J. P. Prescott & Co
Lard, Soap, Candles  1860


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Queensware Co
China and Glassware 1897




Ramsey, Adams & Warren
Grocer-Plantation Supplies 1864

Ramsey, Adams & Warren
Grocer-Plantation Supplies 1864

Ramsey, Adams & Warren
Grocer-Plantation Supplies 1865



Ramsey, Adams & Warren
Grocer-Plantation Supplies 1865

John Reid
Commission Merchant 1893

Republic Preserving Co
Vintage  1919



Rhodes & Parker
Foreign Silk Goods 1846

Rice, Stix & Co
Fancy Dry Goods 1862

Rice, Stix & Co
Fancy Dry Goods 1865


James S. Robinson    
Apothecary 1882

James S. Robinson    
Apothecary 1901 

Mrs. M. L. Rodner
Hair Dresser-Wig Maker 1869




Russell-Heckle Seed Co  





J. G. Schmidt & Son
Sports Goods 1903

Seesel & Ashner
Commission & Grain 1887

Shanks Phillips & Co
Grocer 1921


M. Simon
Clothing Manufacturer 1859

James Jay Smith & Co
Produce 1886       

Southern Express Co


John K. Speed
Steamer 1892

Speed, Donoho & Strange
Fancy Dry Goods 1860

Spivey & Clarke      
Clothing 1859          



Spivey & Clarke      
Fine Clothing 1860

State-County Taxes

State-County Taxes



James E. Stark

Sternberg & Lee
Tobacco - Cigars 1880

Stovall & Mitchell
Fine Clothing 1880



Stratton, Goodlett & Co
Cotton Factor 1854

Stratton, Goyer & Co
Grocer-Cotton Factors 1866

Stratton, McDavitt & Co
Cotton Factors - Grocers 1860    



Stratton-Warren Hdwr

Stratton-Warren Hdwr

Stratton-Warren Hdwr


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Tate & Robertson
Dry Goods 1849

TN, Virginia & Georgia RR

Thompson Brothers   
Mortuary 1911          



Thompson Brothers   
Mortuary 1949          




E. Urquhart & Co
Stoves & Tinware 1876

U.S. Rubber Co





A. Vaccaro & Co
Wines-Liquor-Cigars 1880

Van Vleet & Co
Druggists 1888

Van Vleet-Mansfield Drugs
Wholesale Druggists 1895


Van Vleet-Mansfield Drugs
Wholesale Druggists 1904

Van Vleet-Mansfield Drugs
Wholesale Druggists 1919

John W. Voegeli & Co
Boots and Shoes 1880





Wagner Grocery Co
Wholesale Grocers 1921

Wallace & VanPelts
Boots-Shoes 1859

J. C. Ward       
Bookbinder 1860      



J. B. Wasson & Co
Druggist-Apothecary 1863

Geo T. Webb & Co
Cotton Factors 1913

Geo T. Webb & Co
Cotton Factors 1913    


William A. Webster Co
Pharmaceuticals 1927

A. T. Wells
Dry Goods 1854

S. B. Williamson    
Grocer-Cotton Factors 1863


Williamson & Hancock
Grocer-Cotton Factors 1854

Williamson, Hill & Co
Grocer-Cotton Factors 1862

Williamson, Hill & Co
Grocer-Cotton Factors 1867   


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Zellner & Co
Boots and Shoes 1882

Zellner & Co
Boots and Shoes 1883

Zellner & Co      
Boots and Shoes 1884   




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Special thanks to Woody Savage for sending us the Memphis Billheads.  He and his brother Ken have a Bolivar, TN historic website and they have posted the 1500 Billheads on this website :




Woody Savage Collage of Billheads   





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