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We often come across a great Memphis photo or Memphis memorabilia that is very interesting,  but we aren't able to find much information about them or they just don't currently fit into any of our main categories.  Rather than "pass" on the photo or memorabilia, we have been filing it away in a "General Memphis" folder, planning to move these photos and memorabilia to major pages of the website as they're developed.  In the meantime these items remained unseen by the public.  Not a good idea.  Thus this new website page  of "Assorted Photos and Memorabilia" will now become our "storage file."  And perhaps some of you will volunteer the information we are lacking?


   If you have information about any photo/memorabilia posted below, or if you see items below that should be included on other major pages of the website, please contact webmaster Gene Gill


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The photos-memorabilia are posted on the page in random order ...


Edw Enon Brown Family

Brown Laundry workers


Jefferson 1893 Breckenrid Medal Cigars 1908 Dearie Store Greyhound Terminal

Early Groceries FOB Marriage TN-ARK Jackson Blacksmith 1902 Poor Clares Poor Clares

1926 Bluff Cave in ?  1910s Electric Show Libby Convention Valley Ice-Coal 1922

Adler Shoes

Clapp-Taylor Memphis Electric Co 1902 Otto Schwill 1915 Memphis 1850

Andrews Peabody Club Goodman Sherron Shoe University Club eee Shoe Watch FOB

Tommy's 1930s

Scimitar 1891

Arlington 1902

Tidwell Token

Binghamton 1911


Macon-Andrews 1910

Memphis 1887

Penny Drink 1936

Baptist Center 1944

National Brands Store


1861Confederate States Colored Regiment Wm Collier 1928 Jubilee Singers

Customs House Cigars


1915 Cotton Bales 1967 Blues Poster

Byrd Jewelers

1911 Chickasaw Guards

1900 Envelope


Sam Phillips Tribute 2003

1893 Giovannetti

Goodman Hse

Goodman House

Koleas Lunch Room   


Idlewild Greenhouse 1885 Ad 1913 Patrol Wagon Mayor Williams

Curb Market


1912 Mr. Bowers Colored Natatorium Jaffe 1909 Campaign

Waldron Avenue


Poor Clares Monastery

Armory - Construction

Shanks-Phillips March Bx

Germania Hall

Vintage Hair-Wig Ad


Couch Bakery 1913-15 Duval Ice Co 1850  Hatters 1850 WWII Bond Holders 1900 Victorian Ladies
The Couch Bakery was located at 1445 Florida from 1913 to 1915.  The lady and child in the carriage are unknown.

The Algeo Duval Ice Co was located on Front Street in the 1850s.

Francisco Hatters & Co are confirmed at 289 Main as early as 1861.  They continued in business as Francisco & Wiggins at various locations on Main Street, until 1877.  The tokens date from the 1850s.





2nd and Court



Cotton Man

Cotton Shed 1909 Tennessee Mill MEMPHIS postcard 1907

Elias Keck Livery 1868-1974

Elias Keck was proprietor of a livery stable at 403 Second Street in Memphis, that he established in 1855.  He was a native of Virginia and was raised in Shelby County, where his father moved when he was a small boy. Educated in the common schools, he became a farmer until 1851, when he moved to Memphis.  Four years later he established his present business.  During this period he also accumulated a vast amount of city real estate, besides a valuable farm six miles from the city.  In 1864 Mr. Keck married Mattie Felts.  Five children were born to them, four living. Mrs. Keck died in 1876 and Mr. Keck married Jennie Thweatt.  One child was born to this union.


       Victor Fuchs Trade Card

1892 TN Club -2nd St. 1900 2nd Street 1891 2nd Street



1903 Carriage Co 1919 Water Bill 1887 Tax Bill Guaranty Trust Bank

1862 Token Wm McDonald Brayage



Photographer and Goodman Movie Truck


This interesting photo is dated, Memphis 1933, and they were filming in Forrest Park.  We have no other information. 



Early Memphis-Arkansas Budget Ferry


This GREAT photo is of an early ferry landing at the Memphis waterfront.    It's obviously a budget ferry.


   The photos-memorabilia are posted on the page in random order ...


1910 Alfalfa Farm 1920 Rotary Club Band Bloomer Girls - Memphis 1910 Rescue Home

Bolen Huis Ice Vintage Butcher Shop Vintage Butcher Shop Memphis Press Bldg

1921 Lee Ford


Thanks to Vance Lauderdale   


The Vault Club:  Opened in April 1960, the Vault Club was a members-only dining club inside a massive bank vault tucked away in the basement of the 81 Madison Building, which was originally the Tennessee Trust Company and later Union Planters Bank.   The vault was installed when the building was constructed in 1907.   Developer Philip Belz bought the 15-story property in 1958, and converted it into offices.

"A door estimated to cost $75,000 - probably one of the most expensive doors in the world - opens onto a room in one of the most unusual clubs ever formed in Memphis.  The Vault Club would offer Memphis businessmen the same sort of fine surroundings in which to dine, relax, and  talk business which they might find
in  New York.   Although  some say staying  inside more than 10 minutes was  too

much.  Keeping with the money theme,  the walls inside the 30-by-40-foot lounge area were decorated with re-productions of old coins and currency. The private club was limited to 250 businessmen — with the emphasis on "men." Females could not join, though the newspaper observed, "Women guests are welcome after 4 p.m."

The club lasted six years, but is gone now. The vault has survived…That door weighs more than a ton! In 2002, the building was renovated and transformed into the stunning Madison Hotel.  ...Ask Vance - Vance Lauderdale


Wagon Co. Button Vintage Postal Badge 1955 Amer. Legion 1907 Typographical

Tokens - Newman Lumber



Light-Gas 50th Anniv. Barboro liquor jugs Coffins Button Corps Engineer Badge

BARBORO LIQUOR JUGS:  Anthony Sebastian Barboro opened the doors of his distributorship in 1877 with an inventory of produce, fruit, nuts and liquor. When Prohibition took effect, he eliminated liquor from his offerings and marched on. After his death in 1922, his son Malcolm took over the company and guided it for fifty years. In 1933, he was awarded the Schlitz beer distribution rights for Shelby County, thus beginning a long history of reliable service for malt beverages. In the 1950's, A.S. Barboro, Inc. added Pabst and Stag to their portfolio. Operations were headed by Charlie Goggio until the early 1970's. The Pabst brand went to another distributor, while A.S. Barboro continued a strong relationship with Heineken and Carling, the makers of Champale and Country Club Malt Liquors. P.R. Karnes became president in the 1970's and expanded the portfolio to include Hamm's, Stroh, and G. Heileman products. In 1975, Miller Lite was added, bolstering the company's strength...


The photos-memorabilia are posted on the page in random order ...


The "Slave Auction Block" is a Myth... 1855 Slave Ad 1858 Slave Receipt

1931-34 Poll Tax


1864 Memphis Bluff 1891 Memphis 2nd Street 1906 Church  *

*"i was just going through photos on the website tonight ... and started tring to identify the church.  It is the First Baptist Church that was at Second and Adams - torn down for the Court Building.  I located the Lowenstein Warehouse building (in the background) first, then compared to the Sanborn map of 1907(where it is removed as the future site of the Court Building), and then the 1897 Sanborn map, which has it and the walled church yard outlined.  I looked up First Baptist on the website "Churches Page" and it is definitely a match!"  ... Phoebe Moore 10/3/2021


1901African Americans 1927 Chas Lindberg 1910 John Pelegrin Store 1928 Movietone News

Vintage Memphis Postcard                           


<  Dave French, one of our "Team" found this very beautiful early Memphis Postcard on Ebay and bid on it.  He won the bid.  When the card arrived we were all surprised to see that it was postmarked "Italy".  Wouldn't it be interesting to find out how this vintage card from Memphis got to Italy and was saved all these years?

Postmarked Italy 

Beautiful ... unique, vintage postcard       


Bowers Weight Bus Ad 1912 Political Ad 1930 Chevy Banquet 1995 Film Fest.


1880s Electric Lights 1897 Planter's Insurance 1906 Shanks Phillips Gro. 1936 Memphis Letterhead


Masked Daredevils 1933


Publicity Stunt 1933:  Masked stuntman and woman " be suspended in the air from a plane by Silk Panty Hose".



Memphis skier sets record 1955


Mrs. Scott Dodds whizzes past the Memphis skyline as she sets a new record for non-stop skiing by a woman.  She traveled 250.75 miles from Cairo, Illinois to Memphis in 9 1/2 hours, September 6, 1955.




WWI Draft Card Levee Bond 1887 Stock Certif. 1921 Ben Hur 1994 Negro League  

Barbershop 1906 Mageveny old school EEE Shoe Box 1915 Porter-Leath Macvigar Dentist 1906



Charles A. French, Sr. - 1915

This is an interesting photo and we know all about it, but it just doesn't fit into any of our categories.  The driver is Charles A. French, Sr. in a Panhard et Levassor at the corner of Jefferson and 2nd Street.  The building in the background is the Lotus Building, 121 Jefferson,  constructed in 1911, and used for furniture storage by the OK Storage and Transfer Co.  At the time it was the largest building of its kind  south of Chicago.  The building is also known as the Walker Building and the Tenoke Building.


Memphis Country Club

Ramsey's Florist M. E. Carter Co. Southland Mall








Manhole Cover 1945 Cooper-Young Guilloteen 1947 B. Walker Sultana



1935 Cookbook 1950s Street Sign 1968 Loeb Flyer 1935 Riverside Dr. Memphis Belle



Hires Root Beer card Trade Card Union Army returns to Memphis in 1895 License

Memphis Driver's License (Ladies)- 1929

This 1929 Memphis Driver's License belonged to Mrs. E. E. Winters and was one of the early licenses for women in the city.  When this license was issued, there was no test, you simply applied, paid a small fee and got your license.  You didn't even have to apply in person.  A relative could do it for you.

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< African American Baptism, Memphis 1933

If anyone ever attended a river baptism, this captures the scene beautifully.  We have no other information about the location and/or the church.




Clyde Park Mini Circus      1908 Cotton Sample Room 1904 Cotton Gin Lawrence Shop


2nd Tennessee Infantry 

Humor Button

  So.Confection 1917

A & P...Where???


K & O Ashtray

1916 Park Commission & article

1904 Souvenir-Memphis -Millington Entrance

1853 Daguerreotype

1900 Peabody Av River Terminal B. E. Hammar Token 1862







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