Historic Memphis Clearpool

         ...and The Eagle's Nest



The Clearpool entertainment complex was located just south of the Memphis City Limits on Lamar Avenue from the 1940s to 1960s.  Included was a large circular swimming pool, a restaurant, a ballroom, and other entertainment facilities.  Built by the Garavelli family, the complex was sold to Joe and Doris Pieraccini, who also owned the Rainbow Lake complex a few miles west on Lamar.

The Eagle's Nest was part of the Clearpool complex.  It was a nightclub located above the restaurant and the swimming pool's changing room and catered to a country and western swing dance crowd.  Elvis Presley played some of his first paid shows here and it was a regular gig for him, Scotty Moore, and Bill Black through 1954.  Elvis performed 16 times at the Eagle's Nest in 1954.  The club burned down in the late 1960s.   Most recently the Clearpool complex corner was occupied by The Americana Club

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Clearpool Postcard 1950s

John Klompenhauwer at The Eagle's Nest Bar

Elvis 1954

Elvis - 1954

       Eagle's Nest Ad

Eagle's Nest Ad

Clearpool  Ash Tray

Eagle's Nest Ad

The Americana

Americana - John Klompenhouwer

Elvis Poster 1954

Elvis - Eagle's Nest

Eagle's Nest Ad

John Klompenhouwer, of the Netherlands, has a website about the history and music of Memphis Sun Records.  706 Union Avenue


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