ACE 997 Mississippi Blvd

The Ace Opened 1928   .   Closed  1967 .    Seats 700

The Ace was owned by Dave Lebovitz and is listed in the 1928 through 1958 city Directories.  Lebovitz also owned the Georgia Theater.  Both theaters were for "colored patrons". 

Location of Ace Theatre - today



1954 AD


Susan Lebovitz Feinberg, 10/2011:  "...I am writing because someone sent me the email about the Memphis Movie Theaters.  My Dad (Dave Lebovitz owned and operated several "Black" movie theaters:  Ace, Harlem, and Georgia.  He and his brother also owned and operated three Drive-in movies:  Sky-Vue, Lamar, and Sunset (West Memphis).  Unfortunately I have very little information in the way of pictures; he died in 1988..."




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