The Kemmons Wilson Holiday Inn Story


- Kemmons Wilson, Founder of Holiday Inns
-With Robert Kerr

Copyright 1996, Hambleton-Hill Publishing, Inc.  First Edition.  From Chapter Three "Building Materials"

Excerpts from pages 23 and 29.  (Printed here with Permission from the Kemmons Wilson Family)


Kemmons finally got his own movie theater by using his fast-developing creativity and persuasiveness to finance the deal. He heard there was a little theater for sale in Fort Pickering, a small community along the Mississippi on the outskirts of Memphis. The DeSoto Theater had been closed for years, but after making a trip out to look it over, Kemmons went to the man who owned it. He offered to pay the $2,000 asking price - if he could pay it at &25 a week after he got the theater open.
When the theater owner agreed, Kemmons went to National Theater Supply Company. It was run by Bob Bostick, a man who would become a close friend and provide invaluable assistance as Kemmons learned the movie business. Bostick sold Kemmons some $4,000 worth of equipment that day, with nothing down, and helped him get the theater open. Once again, Kemmons had managed to get into a new business without so much as a down payment.



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