Email from Vincent Astor - 2/15/2012: 

"The woman not quite visible in the Majestic #1 boxoffice was Bessie Jerome, my grandmotherís (Bessie Mae Hill Garavelli) best friend. My mother, Angela Estelle Garavelli Astor, remembers being babysat in the front row of the Majestic with Bessieís little boy when they were both very small".


"Below is a photo of Bessie Phipps Jerome.  Bessie's husband (?)Jerome was a projectionist at the Majestic #1 and she, I'm sure, is the face in the box office. In the family photo Bessie is holding her only son Bud who would sit with my mother as small children in the Majestic while their mothers visited".


Bessie Jerome

The Jerome Family


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